Silicon Alley Roundup: December 24 Holiday Edition

Tis the season... For ugly sweaters

Its the holidays, so I’m reporting from what I’ll call Dairy Alley in Madison, Wisconsin and enjoying a white Christmas. After I kick this roundup out, its time to get my shopping done (started?), then prepare my family’s annual Christmas eve dinner. I took on a six-course menu with a bit of The French Laundry cookbook involved, overly ambitious?

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday around friends and family, then finds themselves with a little relaxation in preparation for what should be an amazing 2011 for the New York startup scene.

Roundup Reads for the Week:
Living on the Edge as a Young Entrepreneur (Under30CEO). A great post by Greg Rollett on taking care of yourself in this often young, work hard, play hard startup space. From health to delegation, a great piece on keeping your mind, body, and business in equilibrium.
No Jobs? Young Graduates Make their Own (New York Times). Includes a few highlights on the young ladies at and the up-and-coming
VC’s say they’ll invest, hire, and sell more in 2011 (VentureBeat). Good news for entrepreneurs and should help put a pin in the so called Web 2.0 bubble by bringing more experienced investors into early stage investments.

Quote of the Week:
“I learned something today. I learned that I need to keep my hand up.” I said, “What do you mean?” She said, “Well, you’re giving this talk, and you said you were going to take two more questions. And I had my hand up with lots of other people, and you took two more questions. And I put my hand down, and I noticed all the women put their hand down, and then you took more questions, only from the men.”
-From a Ted Talk by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on “Why we have too few women leaders.” I like this quote not just for the gender purposes, but I think it says a lot about persistence as well. Its a good talk.

Hottest event for next week?
•We’ll go with Christmas and New Years, then probably a few holiday parties in there. Things are pretty quiet this week. Enjoy it!

Biggest game changer of the week:
•Net Neutrality is definitely a big influencer, but there are still a lot of questions lingering. Here is a op-ed on TechCrunch from Columbia Law professor Tim Wu: The Art of “Kicking the Can.” and here is the Google Public Policy blog’s attempt to demystify why they are so supportive “Facts about our network neutrality policy proposal.”

And there you have it! Happy Holidays and don’t forget to check out my post on why you should support your entrepreneur this holiday season!

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