Silicon Alley Roundup: IPO’s, deal dates, and German sex orgies

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The tech world is aflutter this week with some big announcements just before the summer. After a hot start to the short week here in New York, things are cooling off to become a bit more like the Spring we never had and it is expected to stick around for the weekend. Fortunately, I’ve got plenty of soccer festivities and time outside with the US Men’s National team taking on Spain in a friendly, a home game for the New York Red Bulls against Columbus Crew, and a coed league game for me on Sunday. If you haven’t been to a Red Bulls game yet, it is the best value sporting event in the city (though the Mets may now be cheaper). Come join me for a game and I might even buy you a beer. And to this week’s big news in the city…

Roundup Reads for the Week:
•With Groupon’s IPO in the news, talk about coupons is stirring. My company Campus Dibs did a study on the use of coupons and daily deals by college students. Here is a story from the Charleston Post and Courier that included some data from popular online dating site Restaurant Coupons Losing Stigma

•Pandora and Groupon have had IPO news this week, but the big question mark is Groupon now that their financial data is out of the bag and being dissected with tweezers under a microscope. Yipit does a pretty good case study that Betabeat picked up: Groupon’s business is decaying in its established markets and if you really need some exciting reading for the weekend, here is the S-1 filing with the SEC

•This comes from a study on Silicon Valley, but the lessons are there for all of us regardless the location thanks to Blackbox: The 7 signs of failure for internet startups

•So here I am blogging or at least aggregating the stories for the week that are worth a read for my friends around the tech scene. However, my company takes priority in all situations. That’s why Square COO and investor Keith Rabois said that us NYC tech blogging founders shouldn’t be: Keith Rabois Says Great Founders Don’t Blog; Bloggy New Yorkers Appalled

•Why we love New York as startup central? Sure the cost of living is high, but we still know where to find $2 PBR’s and now, free Wi-Fi in DUMBO that isn’t in a Starbucks

•For a little foreign news, here is some advice on how not to reward your company’s top earners. Those crazy Germans: German insurance firm organized sex party for salesman

Quote of the Week:
•I just got an Android the other week after being a die hard BlackBerry user, so now I have the Kindle app to read on my commutes. My first book is Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War,” so here is a line that applies in battle, life, and startups:

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”
-Sun Tzu

Biggest event for next week:
•It is Internet Week 2011 here in NYC from June 6-13, however the biggest one-off event of the week will probably be the New York Tech Meetup, which highlights innovation and is the largest Meetup group. Come out and support your scene… If you can get a ticket of course:

Get your interview on:
•This was technically last week, but if you didn’t get to see Charlie Rose interview Ashton Kutcher at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York, here it is. One of his big early investments Airbnb has also been in the news this week due to hotel laws. CEO and Co-Founder Brian Chesky seems to have it figured out though. Here is Ashton and Charlie’s interview, who says actors can’t be tech investors?

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