Silicon Alley Roundup: The Startup Advice, Foursquare and Yipit Edition

Whenever I head back to Wisconsin, I come back about 20 pounds heavier. After introducing outsiders to cheese curds; Both the fresh and the deep fried kind, I feel like that was about all I ate all weekend. Nothing can beat a wedding where the bride cannonballs into the pool in her wedding dress though. It was a great finish to a pretty epic wedding weekend and it was fortunately captured on film.

My company had a couple press hits this week, so a couple of these reads are going to be tooting our own horn, but hey, you need to do that every once in awhile, right? Speaking of tooting your own horn, have you checked out Turntable.FM yet? Prepare to be addicted to music with friends.

Roundup Reads for the Week:
•We’ll start with the guest post I did for “5 Business Lessons I wish I Knew When I Graduated”
•Number two puts my business partner Garren Givens in the spotlight both in print in Entrepreneur Magazine’s July 2011 issue, but also online with their “Business and A Beer” article and video interview
•One of New York’s favorite tech startups, Foursquare, went big on two occasions this week. Their first was hitting 10 Million users, and their second was their stealthy $50 Million raise that puts their valuation at $600 Million. They squeezed that release out just before the weekend, and there is no doubt they’ll find a way to celebrate is my guess. Rumor has it, they know how to party.
•Another big funding score in New York was for the team over at Yipit. Their pockets just got $6 Million deeper, and as a part of the daily deal community, I have to say they are great to have around. Congrats!

•This is the week of lists and advice. Harvard Business Review had a story this week getting passed around that highlights “The Nine Things Successful People Do Differently.” My favorite is the advice to focus on getting better, not just being good.
•I just wish that they would finally give it up. The Winklevoss twins, made famous not only by their inclusion in “The Social Network,” but also their neverending lawsuit against Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. Can’t they just let it go? Here they go again with another legal avenue against the big, blue Facebook.
•Last, but certainly not least, is this advice. Don’t piss off the press. Sure, any press is good press as the old adage goes, but Michael Arrington singling you out in the tech community is never a good thing Caterina Fake. Here is the backlash: Why We Often Blindside Companies

Quote of the Week:
“Fact: 4 of 5 people who use the phrase “it’s cheap to build a startup” have never built a startup (and probably wont!)”
-Trace Cohen via Twitter (@Trace_Cohen)

Biggest event for next week:
•Last week was Hashable, this week is Mashable. What is set to be a pretty sick Social Media Day at the Brooklyn Bowl on Thursday, June 30 at 6 p.m. (with free bowling from 6-7…SCORE!), you probably won’t want to miss it. To cap off the night, if bowling isn’t your thing, Q-Tip will perform to help you party down into the wee hours.

Videos that inspire:
•This one isn’t a video, but it plays through like one and does actually have a YouTube clip, so I guess it does count. Either way, this is more advice, which basically takes all the glory out of being an entrepreneur. Tara Hunt, you hit the nail on the head here. Enjoy!

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