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Do ya think I’m sexy? Do ya really need Big Data?

Let’s look at some search data before we get started:

Data is sexy. According to Google, that search phrase has approximately 51.4 million results leading with Harvard Business Review’s 2012 article “Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.”

Data is not sexy. Though it is popular, this search phrase only turns up 45.7 million results with the top hit coming from a site called KDnuggets saying “Data scientists aren’t as sexy as we thought.”

Based on these numbers, big data is sexy. It has become a term thrown around the pages of the Wall Street Journal and New York Times business sections like a sprinkling of salt on steak. It is an unavoidable tech term that now shows a reporter’s street cred. Big data has become so big that the Wikipedia page has an array of definitions. If Big data had a Tinder profile, the world would be swiping right. Read more →

Photo by Mika Stetsovski (via Flickr Creative Commons)

Silicon Alley Roundup: Tech Trends, NYC Rent Subsidies, and Must Reads

Last weekend’s marathon was unfortunately a bust due to the expected 95 degree weather, but I still was able to run the half marathon as a replacement and have a PR which put me in 214th of 4400 runners.  Okay, it is 214th, but I’m also an amateur runner, so given the field, I’m pretty proud of it.  I finished… Read more →

Silicon Alley Roundup: Running Down Dreams

I talked about the Facebook IPO being a stimulus package.  That lasted for just a few minutes and I won’t even mention the mess that has come up over the last week.  I’m sure you’ve read plenty, and I’m tired of hearing and talking about it, so I’ll spare you. Another Friday and another trip out of NYC.  Memorial Day… Read more →

Silicon Alley Roundup: Facebook IPO Edition

Talk about a stimulus package.  Facebook rang the bell on Nasdaq, and just started trading.  Off we go! Thanks to Betabeat’s shoutout last week as well. Here is this week’s abbreviated and pretty Facebook-centric roundup…   Roundup Reads for the Week: •If you were wondering who was going to get rich off this IPO, here is a quick rundown by… Read more →

Silicon Alley Roundup: Betabeat’s Porn Obsession & Booming NYC Tech

This happens far too often.  You find a restaurant you want to try, google it, jump onto their website, click the ‘Menu’ link, and up pops a PDF.  This is so outdated and archaic.  I just had one come up where it was 14 pages of PDF.  Granted, most is their alcohol list,  it really makes me not want to… Read more →

Silicon Alley Roundup: InstagramNYC, Accelerators, and Jumping the Shark

First Dick Clark and now Levon Helms.  This week has been tough with the passing of prominent people in music.  Both have created memories that shaped my childhood.  Dick Clark for all of the New Years Eve’s as a child with my family and old episodes of American Bandstand, then Levon and The Band for his music that fueled many… Read more →

Silicon Alley Roundup: DC Marathon and Co-founder breakup’s edition

With my company entering the ERA incubator January 1, I had decided my two year streak for the DC Marathon was coming to a close. However, a couple friends, a few beers, and me inspiring a couple others that if they really wanted to do one, they could, I suddenly was also roped in. Unfortunately, the others have backed out… Read more →

Silicon Alley Roundup: Facebook IPO, Startup America & AARRR Acquisition

Facebook filed to go public with the SEC this week.  More below, but let’s just say there are going to be a lot of new millionaires in America that will hopefully start investing in more startups.  I can only see this improving the support for new business in America with an influx of new investors.  Or so I hope. Most… Read more →

Silicon Alley Roundup: Leadership lessons and Airbnb on the rise

I’m finally recovering after a week of the flu and just in time for the weekend.  I wish I could have reversed that, but so it goes.  During that time, I managed to find a new, very dorky hobby I want to get into: Andruino.  Time is short, but any beginning advice is appreciated!   Before we get into this… Read more →

Silicon Alley Roundup: Losses, Innovation, and Keeping It Simple

It was a rough week.  The Packers lost to the Giants.  Sure, I live in New York, but there is one thing, okay, maybe two things, I will never agree with New Yorkers on: the Giants and the Yankees.  Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the team just didn’t even come out to play, and unfortunately, it cost our team… Read more →