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Silicon Alley Roundup: Facebook IPO Edition

Talk about a stimulus package.  Facebook rang the bell on Nasdaq, and just started trading.  Off we go! Thanks to Betabeat’s shoutout last week as well. Here is this week’s abbreviated and pretty Facebook-centric roundup…


Roundup Reads for the Week:

•If you were wondering who was going to get rich off this IPO, here is a quick rundown by Fortune: Facebook IPO – Who got Rich(er)


•One of those getting rich is Eduardo Saverin, the man made famous in the movie, “The Social Network.” He also is getting famous for allegedly evading the taxes by renouncing his US citizenship.  Well, now that he’s getting rich, he sent his thank you to Mark, via Facebook of course.


•Facebook had a hackathon to keep true to its roots before going public.  I think it is just one more way that Zuck is showing he is willing to ‘stick it to the man’ and wall street.  Mostly according to Wall Streeters.  VentureBeat got the inside line on what went down: The Facebook Hackathon


•Because of the famous hoodie, the New York Times went deeper into the fashion and style of Silicon Valley (and the Alley here in NYC indirectly).  Startups are know for flip flops and t-shirts, but in reality, they are bespoke jeans and hoodies according to this article: Reticent Rich: Preferred Style in Silicon Valley (or as their meta data says, “At Facebook, Peer Pressure to Spend those Millions Quietly”)


•Couldn’t leave this one out either.  Just in and hot off the presses at Business Insider: Groupon is Under Investigation for a Sketchy Stock Spike.  Looks like Mr. Mason’s days may be numbered.


Quote of the Week:

“People for years were asking me why aren’t we trying to make more money. I would say I’m trying to build a business for the long term and it was clearly the right strategy. I think the same is true now. Maybe there will come a time down the road when most of the industries we think should be social are already social and the primary thing we can do is optimize the amount of money we can make.” [Wall Street Journal, October 2011]

– Mark Zuckerberg

Videos that inspire:
To all the entrepreneurs and people that told Mark Zuckerberg he could never make it. He just created a whole new breed of millionaires, and hopefully investors:


2012 New Years Resolutions for an Entrepreneur

Oh boy, here we go again.  I’m not generally one for making resolutions, mostly because I like to challenge myself throughout the year in different ways, however this year I feel a bit differently.  Most resolutions, like rules, are made to be broken.


Lisa and I for my first pilgrimmage to Lambeau Field

After starting off the year with my first pilgrimage to Lambeau Field on New Years Day, I feel like I’m off to a productive and successful year and feel the momentum that I can ride that wave into 2013.  As Warren Miller always says at the beginning of his films, “If you don’t do it this year, you’ll only be one year older when you do.”


Here are a few things I hope to achieve in the coming year:  Continue reading