Sharing lessons on Entrepreneurship at Teen Business Forum

Thanks to the folks at Teen Business Forum, a site dedicated to young, up-and-coming entrepreneurs for reaching out to me for advice on lessons learned in entrepreneurship. Its a great resource for high school and college students to work out business ideas and also network with other teen entrepreneurs. I’ve included a screenshot below, but you can read the whole article here: “How Would You Redo Your Entrepreneurship?”

(Just in case the letters are a little fuzzy in the image):
Try Sooner- College, Even High School
I would have tried to start more businesses in college and even high school, where you have lower overheads and lower risk. Rent, bills and living expenses make entrepreneurship more difficult as you get older.

I also would have tried to be more involved in clubs and attended events where you can meet with experienced entrepreneurs. Regardless of profession, people are more willing to help you when you’re still a student.

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