Friends Build Innovative Companies

Introducing the “Three Amigos”


In our small, shared Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator office behind a large Times Square billboard, a conversation was happening.  It was based around revising the team slides within our deck for next week’s demo day.   Fast forward a couple of hours when the Dibsie Google alert popped up for an article from Daily Deal Media (E-commerce Player Ready to Emerge from Beta) about Dibsie referring to my co-founders and I as the “Three Amigos.”


While we probably won’t pull the references to the Three Amigos into our deck, it has definitely crossed my mind to keep running with it.  Entrepreneurship is like a long-term relationship and a marriage among investors and founders.  At this early stage, it often becomes more about the team than the business.  There are always ups and downs, there are financial strains, and there are heated debates about the right way to run the business, even with everyone aiming for the same bullseye.  Fortunately we have the team and the business, with many of those initial growing pains behind us, where we’re ready to scale.


Dibsie grew out of an earlier version of itself after shedding it’s premature features that equate to emerging out of your teens with a little bit deeper voice, a few more inches in height, and a scruffy beard on the verge of maturity.  We educated ourselves while we navigated CampusDibs, as the “Groupon for College” as TechCrunch covered, and this last week we just went “Public” as VentureBeat broke Monday afternoon.  It is fair to say we’re now open for business and the clock is ticking to prove ourselves and the growth of our company.


After working together and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each product, mostly while bootstrapping, we have built an innovative solution in social commerce to spice up an otherwise dull world of e-commerce.  If we weren’t the “Three Amigos” that DailyDeal Media labeled us as, we wouldn’t be where we are today.  While the reference offered a few laughs around the office and among outside friends, I think it defines what we’ve built.  Dibsie was built with the mission of making it easier to shop with friends, so I’ll take it if we become defined as the “Three Amigos” of the New York tech community.  It means we’re in it for the long haul.


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