Getting Started: Digital Marketing & Resources

As someone that consults to many businesses of varying stages in their life, I am frequently asked how to get started in digital marketing and what tools to use.

Several weeks back, I had the fortune of presenting about the fundamentals of digital marketing to a group of eager and accomplished University of Texas student entrepreneurs behind the recently created Genesis Program. While my discussion dove into the how and why, the presentation deck below includes a lot of the tools of the trade we discussed.

Hopefully this deck and the resources below can continue to evolve and assist fellow entrepreneurs, business owners, eCommerce store owners, and others looking to get a leg up on digital marketing. As this is by no means a comprehensive list, feel free to send me a note with any others you may want to recommend or have added to the list.


Marketing Channels: Media Buying



Marketing Channels: Content, Social Media & Influencer



Marketing Channels: Email Marketing & Retention

Platforms/Email Service Providers (beginner to advanced)


  • Privy (Email Capture Forms)
  • Justuno (Email Capture Forms)
  • Unbounce (Landing Pages)
  • Optimizely (A/B Testing)
  • VWO – Visual Website Optimizer (A/B Testing)
  • Launchrock (Quick & Dirty Pre-launch Landing Pages)
  • MX Toolbox (Site Performance and Email Blacklist monitoring)

Analytics & Tracking Tools:

Other Great Resources for Entrepreneurs:

Feel free to suggest more additions or updates by contacting me here.

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