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I recently contributed an interview with LureDeals founder Britt White. You may have remembered my article in the first hours of the Pokémon Go phenomenon discussing “The Rise of the Poképreneur” and his company being one of the first to monetize. I’ve now started to build a reputation as the person that coined the term Poképreneur, so it was only fitting they wanted me to complete this interview. I caught up with the fellow Austin, TX entrepreneur for an interview I contributed to App Developer Magazine. Below is an excerpt, but the full story can be found by clicking here:



Creator of LureDeals Talks About Capitalizing on Pokémon Go Traffic

Britt White is a former hog wrestling world champion, but most recently gained notoriety for Lure Deals, which provides marketing opportunities for Pokémon GO. He has been a part of the Austin tech community for a few years now and runs TKM Labs, a digital agency and virtual reality firm focused on tackling industry specific issues utilizing VR and AR across areas like oil and gas to pediatric chemotherapy. We had a chance to catch up with him to hear more about how he capitalized on the phenomenon surrounding one of the world’s most successful mobile apps.

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Now selling Poképreneur apparel. Catch your own today by clicking here.


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