How To Travel More In 2017?

As 2016 comes to a close, many are looking to 2017 for their New Year’s resolutions, and I want to not only travel more myself, but encourage and help others travel more as well.

I contributed another article to Under30Experiences, a company that specializes in travel for people ages 21-35, and it discusses how to make travel work for you, including a game to help make it happen. There are a lot of excuses about why people can’t travel, either it is too expensive, they don’t know how to plan a trip, or they don’t know where to go. Yet, they often have a sense of wanderlust when they see my travels and say, “Wow, I wish I could go there!”

I also want to add a shout out to friend Anna Mazurek (, who wrote a blog detailing her own travel spending across seven months around the world. You’ll see it isn’t that unrealistic when you see her detailed breakdown here: The Real Cost of Travel

Here is a quick overview of the article I wrote for Under30Experiences, but click the read more at the bottom to get to the full article over at Under30Experiences:

1) Build Your Travel Bucket List

2) Make Basic Plans For Your Top 5-10 Destination Picks

3) Start Saving Now

4) Think About Alternative Methods To Reaching Your Travel Goals

5) Make It Happen


This is by no means an one-size fits all plan to travel this year since some jobs don’t give you the flexibility to take off and jet set when you want.

But when you really sit down and break down your bucket list, you may realize that a weekend getaway to ski the Swiss Alps, or to surf in Sayulita, Mexico isn’t that unrealistic.

Happy travels in 2017 and let me know where your adventures take you in the comments below.



Click below to read the full article over at Under30Experiences:

“How To Make 2017 The Year Of Travel”


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