“Startups In My DNA” Rap Video Is Startup Gold

Every once in awhile you see a little golden nugget of content and startup parody that catches your eye. I discovered YouTuber Mehak Vohra’s latest release on YouTube, which is a rap video parody based on Kendrick Lamar’s “DNA” and titled, “Startups In my DNA” and features Wocki Beats under Vohra’s social pseudonym, “watthemehak”

She is also the founder of a growth hacking firm called Jamocha Media in Silicon Valley, so I gotta give her credit for this one, which I see spreading quickly across the startup ecosystem. Some of my favorite lines include:

“I got hustle though ambition flow inside my DNA, I was born like this, since one like this, investors in my head. I write code like this, and pitch like this, just gotta make that bread.”

“I just call again, I call again, cold emails are my game. Yeah, no time for food, no time for sleep, I’m moving up the game. You see fireworks and Teslas roaming round the boulevard.”

Maybe not the first Silicon Valley rap, but it definitely is the freshest in awhile. For more gold and insight into the Silicon startup life, check out the video below:


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