Goodbye Unbounce. Hello Google Optimize? Test Ideas To Try Today

A surprise email hit my inbox today introducing the wider rollout of Google Optimize. If you haven’t been aware of this new product, which will allow for A/B testing, Multivariate testing, and redirect testing that directly sync’s up with your Google Analytics account and is as easy to integrate with your site as the Analytics tag, then you’re missing out.

While I am just getting started with Google Optimize myself, I’m already a fan of how easy it is to integrate and get started with. That said, here are a few quick ideas for getting started with your own tests on your website today.

1) Language Testing

Have you been debating which headline would perform better with your site visitors? The age old debate of “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” vs. “Vintage Christmas Sweaters” may be nagging at you and how your boutique could drive more e-commerce sales. That said, Google Optimize let’s you quickly create these variants and begin monitoring the results for who clicks through. The same can be done for buttons that you use as a call-to-action. Perhaps you are debating between “Schedule A Meeting” or “Contact Us” on your home page. Now you can quickly test them and run the data with the easy to use Google Optimize Editor.


2) Image Testing

I have this question from clients all the time. Which image do you think will perform better on our home page? You no longer need to make assumptions or try to draw conclusions with hazy data. With A/B Testing on Google Optimize, you can now test two (or more) images to see which is performing better than the other and drives more traffic, increases time on site, or reduces bounce rates.


3) Color Testing

We’ve all heard the stories about how Adidas or Nike changed the color of their button from a sky blue to a navy blue and saw their sales increase by $2M in an hour. You may not have $2M in sales, but you can now test the same variables that they can. Have you thought that the color used in a part of your site should be changed? Perhaps you’ve had the same debate on the color of the button used for your “Buy Now” button? You can now quickly set up and run an experiment to see which drives higher conversions and have the data to tell your boss, “See, I told you so!”


4) Landing Page Testing

You obviously have the tips above for the primary landing page to have small edits tested and measured for improved results, but another way you can use this is to test out your new home page, or a new version of a “services” page, or other page that is a part of your site. This can minimize the risk and also ensure that you are able to use a new page you have designed and see optimized results. Test the new page against the old  page and track your analytics to ensure that your hypothesized results end up driving the real results you were after before fully pushing a new design live. You can even test small portions of your traffic, so 90% goes to the original page and just 10% goes to the new version (or more).


In closing… 

The world is your oyster now and I’m always happy to discuss Conversion Rate Optimization, A/B Testing, or any other aspect of marketing. Feel free to contact me directly, or head over to The Pony Group and we can take things from there.

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