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headshotsmaller_200200Scott Poniewaz is currently pursuing his lifelong dream of being an NHL star in the lower ranks of adult beer league hockey. His day job includes consulting to a variety of startups as a fractional CMO, business advisor, and founder of The Pony Group. He has consulted with Hawke Media, a digital agency in Santa Monica, on their expansion opportunities in Austin. Prior to Hawke Media, he was the VP of Product at FoundersCard, he co-founded the leading college daily deal site, CampusDibs, along with Dibsie.com, an evolving catalog that recommends home and fashion products based on a user’s tastes, while providing businesses a quick and easy self-uploading platform for sale and marketing campaigns.

Prior to starting Dibsie, Scott was the Director of India operations and the Northeast Sales territory for Rustic Pathways. He also was responsible for developing new programs across Southeast Asia, Africa, and was able to travel to 6 of 7 continents.  Before all of his globetrotting, he grew up in the Madison, WI suburb of Middleton, then earned photojournalism and studio art degrees from the University of Montana, while kayaking, fly fishing, skiing, and honing his outdoor skills.

After living out of suitcases and developing business in Asia, his growing interest in the budding NYC tech scene, startups, design, and fashion inspired him to lay his roots in New York and develoScreen Shot 2014-12-08 at 10.56.41 PMp Dibsie.com.  He also is a big foodie that not only enjoyed New York’s never-ending list of restaurants, but also trying to recreate his favorite dishes in the kitchen. (Read his full interview with IdeaMensch)

After spending a majority of a decade living between New York and Asia, life took him to Austin, TX and back to NYC again, where he now lives with his Old English Sheepdog named Cayman.

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