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American Marketing Association: Digital Next Practices
By using micro-moment marketing, brands can move the customer’s journey forward and deepen their relationship with users. Mobile device users bring their phones nearly everywhere they go, meaning brands have an opportunity to reach them anytime, anywhere.


“While opening our phone sometimes is just to kill boredom [by] browsing Facebook, a majority of these [moments] can be summarized into a few categories: I want to do something, buy something, go somewhere or know something,” says marketing consultant Scott Poniewaz, director of business development at marketing agency Hawke Media. “These are essentially moments that sit at the crossroads of content, immediacy and intent.”




Panelist: 3 Day Startup Global Roundup
Austin, Texas
July 8th – July 10th, 2016
3 Day Startup has been bringing the world’s great makers, dreamers, thinkers and doers together at universities around the world since 2008. The Global Roundup is a chance to meet co-founders, make friends, and launch your startup.


Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 6.57.44 PMLoews Magazine: Business Class
We’ve all seen them: the chicly dressed, sleekly packed, unflustered travelers who float through airport security lines, always stay on schedule and know the best restaurants and attractions at any destination. They’re part of an elite group of businesspeople whose commutes include voyages across states or even countries, and they look anything but travel-weary.

Featuring: Adrienne Arsht, Annika Sorenstam, Scott Poniewaz & Matthew Mueller


Insureon: 3 Signs Your Business Could Benefit From An Email Newsletter


“I’ve worked with web hosting companies, paddle board manufacturers, and architecture firms, and each had a great opportunity to use email marketing,” he says. “I am hard-pressed to find a single business type that would not benefit from sending a newsletter.”



headshotsmaller_200200Docurated: Biggest Trends in Digital Marketing

“One trend that is shaping digital marketing in 2016 is…”

Micro-Moments. If you’re like me, the first thing you probably do when you wake up is the same thing as the last thing you do before you fall asleep: You check your phone. [READ MORE]




How To Transition Into Fall Apparel – 5 New Product Ideas

You know the classic t-shirt. The iconic message. Transition into fall by converting a catchy-relevant design into a hoodie products.

This Pokepreneur design by Scott Poniewaz is an excellent example. [READ MORE]

CLICK HERE to see the Poképreneur Hoodie.

Under30CEO: 5 Business Lessons I Wish I Knew When I Graduated
Thousands of you wide-eyed graduates are walking into the world with one of the weakest job markets in recent history.  You have no desk waiting for you, so entrepreneurship is on your radar under the idea that if you can’t find a job, then you need to create a job. Without many of the experiences older counterparts have had after working for someone else, you might feel a little bit like you’re walking around in a dark room looking for the light switch.  Now five years out of college and having had opportunities that my photojournalism and art minor unexpectedly led me to, here are five lessons I wish someone told me as I ventured off campus and ultimately on to the challenging roller coaster of starting a company.  [READ MORE]

IdeaMensch Interview:
Scott Poniewaz – Co-founder of Dibsie
I usually am up at 6 am and get to the office by 7.  I also try to run a couple times a week.  Through the day, I am busy managing what goes on the site, clearing my inbox, speaking with existing and potential merchants to help them run successful campaigns, and working to strategize for the future of Dibsie with my co-founders Garren Givens and Dylan Fareed.  I’ll usually try to head home by about 9, do some reading, eat dinner and relax.

Scott Poniewaz is a co-founder at, an evolving catalog that recommends home and fashion products based on a user’s tastes, while providing businesses a quick and easy self-uploading platform for sale campaigns. [READ MORE]


shoppingVentureBeat: Dibsie goes public with a shopping catalog that learns from your social network

We’ve been tracking the progress of Dibsie, an New York based e-commerce company that learns your tastes from your social network and displays items in the form of a dynamic shopping catalog. Today the site is coming out of beta and launching to the public.

The team behind Dibsie — Garren Givens, Scott Poniewaz and Dylan Fareed — met at college and created a daily deals site focused on Universities called Campus Dibs. They have been working on social commerce for a while now, and the sector is really heating up. [READ MORE]


dibsie-logoFashInvest: Dibsie, Transforming Social Networking into a Shopping Catalog
From online   to   iPad and iPhone   apps, the shopping catalog channel has revolutionized over time from technology and social media. The first ever “personalized” online catalog is now emerging; welcome to This isn’t your typical virtual catalog where you can flip the page with your mouse, or click on an outfit for more information. Dibsie combines hundreds of brands with thousands of products into one database that forms the perfect online shopping catalog for any users taste. Dibsie was founded by Groupon college replica, CollegeDibs, founders, Garren Givens, Dylan Fareed, and Scott Poniewaz.  The New York based e-commerce platform has been tracked by numerous firms since its launch in August 2011, and has recently announced that from recent success the company will now emerge from beta and will be available to the public. [READ MORE]


campusdibsTechCrunch: Campus Dibs is a Groupon for Colleges: Smart Move

The most interesting thing about Campus Dibs, a recently launched Groupon clone, is its choice of vertical i.e. college campuses. If you don’t think this is notable enough to merit another (albeit brief) Groupon clone post then just remember how Facebook got a headstart towards world domination, by strategically targeting social networks in the Ivy League and slowly expanding outward.

Facebook has proven that colleges are hotbeds of virality in more ways than one, and thus are extremely interesting when thought of  in terms of a market for Groupon clones. If you doubt Campus Dibs’ chances for setting itself apart from the 800 or so daily deals sites out there, just imagine the power of the 50k plus populations of college campuses and alumni coupled with the mob mentality of group buying sites. [READ MORE]




Interview contributor: Creator of LureDeals Talks About Capitalizing on Pokémon Go Traffic

Britt White is a former hog wrestling world champion, but most recently gained notoriety for Lure Deals, which provides marketing opportunities for Pokémon GO. He has been a part of the Austin tech community for a few years now and runs TKM Labs, a digital agency and virtual reality firm focused on tackling industry specific issues utilizing VR and AR across areas like oil and gas to pediatric chemotherapy. We had a chance to catch up with him to hear more about how he capitalized on the phenomenon surrounding one of the world’s most successful mobile apps. [READ MORE]



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